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Sewer Injector Pump Install

Charter Oak Plumbing provides sewer injector pump installation and replacement services that involves the installation or replacement of sewer ejector pumps, which are important components of sewage systems in buildings, particularly in cases where the sewage lines cannot rely solely on gravity to transport wastewater to the main sewer line or septic system. Here’s a breakdown of what our sewer injector pump services entail:

  1. Installation of Sewer Injector Pumps:
    • Assessment: Before installation, Charter Oak Plumbing will assess the property to determine the most suitable location for the sewer injector pump. We will also calculate the necessary pump capacity based on the property’s wastewater output.
    • Selection: We will help you select an appropriate sewer ejector pump that meets the capacity and durability requirements of your specific application.
    • Installation: The installation process involves digging a pit or basin below the level of your sewage pipes (typically in the basement or below-grade area) to accommodate the pump. The pump is then securely installed in this basin.
    • Connection: The sewer injector pump is connected to the existing sewage lines and equipped with check valves to prevent backflow.
  2. Replacement of Sewer Injector Pumps:
    • Assessment: The existing sewer ejector pump is assessed to determine if it is functioning correctly or if it has reached the end of its lifespan.
    • Removal: If the old pump is no longer working or is outdated, it is disconnected, removed from the pit or basin, and properly disposed of.
    • Selection: A replacement pump is selected based on the property’s current needs and any upgrades that may be necessary.
    • Installation: The new pump is installed in the existing pit or basin, with any necessary adjustments or repairs made to the pit if required.
    • Connection: The replacement pump is connected to the sewage lines, electrical system, and any associated plumbing.

Sewer injector pumps are essential in properties where the wastewater needs to be pumped uphill or to a higher elevation due to the layout of the sewage system or the location of the property relative to the main sewer line. They help ensure that wastewater is efficiently transported to the appropriate sewage or septic system, preventing backups and maintaining proper sanitation.

It’s important to note that proper maintenance is crucial for the longevity and reliability of sewer injector pumps. Regular inspections and servicing by Charter Oak Plumbing are recommended to prevent breakdowns and costly repairs.

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